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Biker Chicz is a docu-reality television series created by biker, TV producer and author Edward Winterhalder, that features the colorful, entertaining and engaging women who are members of an all-female motorcycle club known as the “East Coast Biker Chicks” (ECBC). The club has members living in southern Maine, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire, eastern Massachusetts, eastern Connecticut, southern Vermont and Pennsylvania.

Set in the Boston metropolitan area, the series chronicles the daily lives and activities of a group of empowered women from all walks of life: a social worker, a scientist, a stock trader, a computer guru, a chiropractor, a debt collector, a physical trainer, a mortgage broker and others who are in many ways average everyday typical American women. The women are bound together by their independence, love of motorcycles and the open road, and the camaraderie and fellowship which the ECBC provides.

While each woman featured in the series is unique and extraordinary in her own right, there are, not surprisingly, certain attributes they all have in common. In addition to being avowed motorcycle riders, they are playful, freethinking, adventurous risk takers. Generous, optimistic, family and community oriented, they are also strong, creative, confident, tenacious and spiritually inclined, if not religious.

The women in the series generally represent a typical cross-section of the American population, and could be anyone’s next door neighbor or relative. They personify the great American core values of freedom and individuality, exhibiting courage for pioneering their way of life.

Acquisition Part 1

Completed episodes of the Biker Chicz TV series will be available for acquisition in late August of 2010 - if you represent a television network that we are not already talking to, and are interested in licensing episodes of the Biker Chicz TV series in your country, continent or geographical territory, then please contact Blockhead City Entertainment for more information.

For our fans wondering what television networks the Biker Chicz TV series will be seen on all over the world, first you have to understand the difference between Acquisition and Development.

A Development deal revolves around an exclusive partnership with a television network that results in the television network owning the majority of the original concept, thus dictating how the series will be filmed, in what geographical areas of the world the series will be shown, and removing all creative control from the person who was responsible for the original concept. 99% of all television shows are now done this way, because no one wants to step out on a limb and spend the massive amounts of money required to produce a series without getting some advance money from the network, or having a guaranteed pay day from the network when the episodes are complete.

Continued on the Acquisitions Part 2 page.

Acquisition Part 2

An Acquisition deal requires the production company to produce the series without the benefit of advance money from the television network or a guaranteed pay day when the episodes are complete; doing so affords the person who was responsible for the original concept total creative control but exposes them to possibile financial losses. After episodes have been completed, the production company licenses the episodes to networks worldwide on a non-exclusive basis - by doing so the series can be seen simultaneously on multiple television networks and media platforms throughout the world.

In our case, because the Biker Chicz TV series focuses on the positive aspects of the Harley-Davidson biker culture and is a happy, feel good type show, coupled with the fact that the folks in Hollywood tend to believe that violence, arguing, sensationalism and/or negativity are the only way to have a successful television series, we had no choice but to do this via Acquisition. We simply could not risk doing a Development deal because we were afraid that the network executives would slaughter the concept in the process, thus ruining our chance to capture the Harley-Davidson lifestyle as it really exists for most bikers worldwide.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, supporting us along the way however you can, as we preserve the Harley-Davidson lifestyle accurately for generations to come. As we secure Acquisition deals for episodes of the Biker Chicz TV series, we will notify you through blogs, Facebook, press releases and the News page on this website. Last of all, please be patient.....the television world business is not well known for its ability to make s**t happen quickly.




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1/08/11 - Episode 1.2 (Witch Ride) is complete and in the can.

9/10/10 - Episode 1.1 (Laconia Bike Week) is complete and in the can.

6/4/10 - News Article (Filming Starts)


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